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HSC 3029 Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs.

Learning outcomes for  Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs.

  •  Learners will understand specific communication needs and factors affecting them.
    Explain how own role and practice can impact on communication with an individual who
    has specific communication needs.
    Analyse features of the environment that may help or hinder communication.
  • Analyse reasons why an individual may use a form of communication that is not based on
    a formal language system.
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Support Individuals with Specific Communication Needs provide learners the basic understanding why communication needs of people will looked after should not

Communication is an essential part of all relationships, and as health professionals, the ability to communicate well with the service users is a basic requirement for doing your job. Every individual has the right to good communicate and for their basic human needs to be met,  and  healthcare professionals should be able to assess techniques and methods on how to communication with their patients or clients



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